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Len Osanic

Host of Black Op Radio

After working with Col. Fletcher Prouty for 8 years Len decided to continue Fletcher's work and message by providing a focal point for important lectures and interviews. Black Op Radio provides weekly JFK research updates to keep the research community abreast of ongoing efforts around the world. Len was a big fan of the late great Mae Brussell and her show "World Watchers" which Black Op Radio is modeled after.

Len works in his recording studio Fiasco Bros. and lives in Vancouver Canada. He plays in a band called "The Secret Team" and "Tourist Machine" and has recorded and album with William Pepper Songs of Peace and Violence in the Shadows of Drawn Swords

Jim Dieugenio

Black Op Radio Contributor

Jim has an MA in Contemporary American History from California State University Northridge. He teaches American History and Economics to juniors and seniors in a Los Angeles area high school. His first book was "Destiny Betrayed" a study of the investigation into the JFK case by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison.

He then co-edited and published Probe Magazine with Lisa Pease from 1993-2000. He and Pease co-edited an anthology of pieces from Probe for the book entitled "The Assassinations", which is about all four major assassinations of the sixties: JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK. Today he and John Kelin run the website Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination at, which carries on the work of Probe Magazine.

Anita Langley

Guest Host / Contributor to Black Op Radio

Anita was co-host for the first six years of Black Op Radio. Other interests have taken her on another path but her unique point of view and style were always on display and were instrumental to Black Op Radio's success.

Anita was an audio Enginner and met Len in the studio where they discussed interest in Col. Proutys' work. The discussions eventually led to the creation of the Black Op Radio Show.

Jim Fetzer

Black Op Radio Contributor

Well known in the Assasination research community for his work on the death of President John F. Kennedy. The work includes: Assasination Science (1998), Murder in Dealy Plaza (2000), and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003).

He chaired or co-chaired conferences on the death of JFK in Minneapolis (1999), Dallas (2000), Dallas (2001), and Duluth (2003). He has also written "The 911 Conspiracy" and "Render Unto Darwin". His on-line journal

Pat Valentino

Black Op Radio Contributor

"Pat Valentino was a consultant to the producers of the film "Executive Action" which was written by Donald Freed and Mark Lane, and starred Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, and Will Geer.

Pat was hired by the ARRB to create 33 CD's of the interviews David Lifton conducted between 1966 and 1989 including eye witnesses, the Dallas doctors and nurses, the Autopsy surgeons, the Parkland technicians, the Bethesda technicians, as well as various FBI agents and Kennedy administration employees. This material was donated to the committee by David Lifton and is now housed in the National Archives."

Zach Copely / Steve Salkin

Black Op Radio Contributors

A tip of the cap to our technical support team, without whose help we would be hard pressed to deliver quality Black Op Radio shows. Zach runs and moderates the Black Op Radio Forum and Steve Steve writes show notes for each episode.

Black Op Radio

Is a website dedicated to the Conspiracy Research community and their efforts to bring to the light the darker side of government. Not to destroy - but to make right again - so that no one is above the laws set forth to protect democracy.

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The show is broadcast on Thursdays, 6–7:30pm PST (9–10:30pm EST). Host Len Osanic covers topics focusing on the JFK Assassination with weekly update-reporting on current research around the world, as well as the MLK and RFK Assassinations, 9/11 and other current events.


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