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Favorite Books

On The Trail Of The Assassins - Jim Garrison

New Orleans District Attorney Garrison's account of his investigations into the background of Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which differs sharply with the official Warren Commission conclusions. This book was used as the basis of Oliver Stone's film "JFK".

Favorite Books

JFK and the Unspeakable

At the height of the Cold War, JFK risked committing the greatest crime in human history: starting a nuclear war.
Horrified by the specter of nuclear annihilation, Kennedy gradually turned away from his long-held Cold Warrior beliefs and toward a policy of lasting peace. .

Favorite Books

Understanding Special Ops

Special Operations are an ad hoc creation -- probably the strongest ad hoc creation in our government today. -- L. Fletcher Prouty, 1999.

Favorite Books

The Secret Team

The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World L.
by L. Fletcher Prouty Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.) .

Favorite Books

Rush to Judgement - by Mark Lane

The first book to challenge the Warren Commission findings presents case after case of ignored or twisted evidence to offer a scathing indictment of the Commission's handling of the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Men who Killed Kennedy
Favorite Documentaries

The Men Who Killed Kennedy (1988)

This artfully constructed five-part series offers chilling evidence that American democracy has become a convenient lie; that a conspiratorial coup d'état removed a sitting president and then hid that fact from the American people.

Favorite Movies

JFK (1991)

As history, Oliver Stone's JFK is highly combustible, but as filmmaking it's electric, cramming a ton of information and excitement into its three-hour runtime.

Favorite Movies

Executive Action (1973)

Predecessor to Oliver Stone's 'JFK' this film was one of the first to present an alternative to the Warren Report version of events. Mixing narriative segments with newsreel footage, the film tells the story of a group of powerful men who plot the assasination.

Favorite Movies

The Parallax View (1974)

Directed by Alan J. Pakula (All the President's Men, Sophie's Choice), this is an excellent, paranoid thriller and a benchmark for films of this type from the 1970s. Warren Beatty plays Joseph Frady, an arrogant investigative reporter who witnesses the assassination of a United States senator and then discovers that other reporters who were on the scene are dying under mysterious circumstances.

Favorite Books

The Chicago Plot

There are strong indications that four men were in Chicago to assassinate John F. Kennedy on Nov. 2 1963, twenty days before Dallas.

Favorite Black Op Radio Shows

Show #38 - Zachary Sklar

Zachary Sklar is a journalist and a professor of journalism at the Columbia School of Journalism. He is also a contributor to The Lies of Our Times, a monthly journal dedicated to exposing the truth behind twisted and censored reports in the mainstream media.

He was the editor for Jim Garrison's book "On the trail of the assassins"
He co-wrote the screenplay with director Oliver Stone for the movie "JFK"

Zachary Sklar - Part One

Zachary Sklar - Part Two

Zachary Sklar - Part Three

Favorite Black Op Radio Shows

Show #5 - April Oliver

The story of "Operation Tailwind" first aired on CNN. Then fired along with Jack Smith by CNN as management caved in to pressure of boycott from the military. Despite months of research, on-camera interviews, and depositions to buttress their investigative reporting... CNN hopes the story goes away.

April Oliver - Part One

April Oliver - Part Two

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